Debt consolidation – How To Get Retirement Pension Loan

What you need to get credit with the fifth of the pension

To obtain a loan by assignment of the fifth of the pension, as a first requirement you must have a pension of more than € 501.

Then you can request a custom quote through our Quick Request form.

If the estimate is satisfying its expectations, it will be possible to continue with the procedure of the In practice, it will also be possible to talk to each other in person, calmly explaining every detail and need, so as to concretely understand the existence of the necessary characteristics. upon obtaining the requested loan.

It starts

At this point it is necessary to provide:

  • a valid identity document
  • fiscal Code
  • last pension slip

At the same time it is requested to sign the authorization to process personal data and to produce transferable share document issued directly by the pension institution.

Once the documents described have been obtained, it will be possible to re-discuss the estimate or proceed with the request for approval of the contract by the Dispensing Company, if it were successful positive that it will produce the printing of a contract, it will be read and explained in all its parts together with one of our consultants.

Once all the signatures have been affixed, it will be possible to proceed with the notification of a copy of the himself at his own pension institution, which will have to issue an act of approval with which he is will commit to pay the assigned installment monthly.

Upon receipt of the approval, the Dispensing Company will be able to prepare the payment of the balance, either by bank transfer or by bank draft. The timing may vary depending on the type of institution, usually, it could take more than 15/20 days.


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